2004 Ford F550 Super Duty

  • 2004 Ford F550 Super Duty

    Ford F550 Super Duty
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    • Customer concern: Light on dash. Ran out of propane now hot water tank and furnace inoperative.
    • Found active codes for both banks running lean. Usually a sign of a dirty mass air flow sensor. Remove and clean sensor, reassemble and test. All readings good at this time, clear codes and run, no codes set.
    • No propane in system (stove top would not light either). Found no power to electric LP shut off solenoid. Trace issue to the recently replaced co/propane detector. Old detector was a pass through system, now obsolete (company that made them shut down in 2008). New detector just needs power and ground and shut off valve wired to come on when coach battery is turned on. Run ground wire to new detector and wire LP solenoid to come on with coach battery (wire runs through kitchen slide). Test system-bleed venting and lighting at stove top. Test water heater and furnaces, all work well.
    Jody C. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/27/2024


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